Friday, April 28, 2006

ABC and their damn recap shows!!!

In the past two years, ABC network has finally gotten some On-air cred with a few of their television shows. Ever since the end of TGIF they have kinda been off of the map. They still had shows like NYPD blue but otherwise nothing really worth turning the TV on for. Last year ABC introduced 3 new shows to the world. Lost, the intense drama that follows the forever changed life of survivors of a plane crash who end up on a deserted and mysterious island. Desperate housewives, an hour long drama-dy that tells the story of 4 sexy suburban women and the scandalous going-on's in their neighborhood. Last but not least is Grey's anatomy, a television show about 5 surgical interns and their personal lives. These three shows have gained such a huge following in such a short time. It has been so long for ABC that I don't think they know how to handle such a fan base. I think they are more concerned with gaining more viewers than they are with keeping the viewers they have. I am an avid Lost fan, I watched the entire first season on DVD in the span of three days. I was in my big comfortable chair the night the second season started and every I was there every Wednesday after that. Two or three months into the season the television show had a month long period in which it wasn't on, I thought "oh, sweeps is right around the corner." Than the show came back on for a week or so and than wasn't on for two or three more weeks. This really bothered me, the first new episode to follow was a recap episode called "Lost:reckoning". I had seen every episode up to date so I didn't need to watch a recap show. It then became clear to me that the ABC executives were just trying to pull in more viewers which was a fair objective. After the recap episode there was a good run of new episodes. Then after about 3 weeks instead of a new episode of Lost they aired a repeat! Not a repeat from the second season, a repeat from the middle of the first! I have ever since been irritated about the show but I still watch it every week (well when it's on anyways). I started to notice this wasn't just happening to Lost in was happening to Desperate housewives as well. In a few weeks Grey's anatomy will also be airing a pointless recap show to bring in viewers that it doesn't need. It's one thing to want new viewers and a bigger following for a TV show (especially when it's in its sophomore season) but when you are pissing off all of your regular viewers who have pretty much been with you from the beginning, its time to stop playing with fire and air new episodes!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Employee restrooms are employees only for a reason

A few days ago I was at work and a woman came into blockbuster. A very young woman maybe mid-twenties at most. She came into to blockbuster with who I was guessing was her daughter (she couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old). Her little daughter needed to use the restroom. The woman politly asks "where is your bathroom?", I politly say "We don't have a restroom for her to use" and then I suggested she go to the neighboring Starbucks coffee shop to use the restroom. This is where the bitch came out (when I say this I mean her, not me, my bitch comes out later in the story) she begins to argue that the little girl has to go to the bathroom now, I say that "We don't have a bathroom for her to use" (Note: I am still being polite). She proceeds to say "You don't have one bathroom in this entire place" and I say "We do but its for employees only". Then the evil shrew decides to make one final plea to use the bathroom but she makes the wrong plea. She decides the best way to get her way is to say and I quote "Jesus, It's a little girl", although I was flattered by her calling me "Jesus" I sadly could not let the little girl use the bathroom. The infuriated woman then trys to leave the store in a huff but she sadly makes herself look like an ass by trying to go out the entrance door. I tell her, in a polite fashion that she has to go around to the exit. She proceeds to the exit but sadly the little girl could not hold "it" any longer and she goes to the bathroom in her pants. I am unsure if she went number 1 or number 2 but that is a minor detail. Now before you go saying "wow this guy is an asshole" or "You should've let her use the bathroom" let me just make my argument. I am not at fault for the little girls wetting and/or pooping of her pants. Employee only bathrooms are employee only bathrooms for a reason, it is a health code violation to let her use the bathroom if it is not maintained for public use. Also the woman said "she has to go now", well obviously she did not because she held it for the 2 minute argument that her mother had gotten herself into. Had this woman just gone over to Starbucks the little girl would not have been put in this embarassing situation. The thing that I am most confused about the whole ordeal is that the woman had no intention of renting videos, so when she was strolling up the parking lot that Blockbuster and Starbucks shares, why didn't she think "Well one of these places rents videos, the other sells beverages, which one is most likely to have a restroom?" It wasn't like she was defusing a bomb and had to pick between the red wire and blue wire.